[Network] New Partner profile page

Hi there!

Here we are again with good news. As promised, the new version of the Partner profile is live on our web.

We recently added new filters (please see this topic). Now, if you click on a Partner, you will see this new design:

What’s new?

  • Cleaner design, matching the rest of the web
  • Flags to easily recognize countries (headquarters, top source markets, top destination markets…)
  • Tabs to show different aspects of the company if it works as different types at the same time
  • Connection status
  • Company presentation download (if present)
  • Onboarding signs if it is the case

What’s next?
We will put an Edit button and you will be able to edit your own profile using the new design. You will be able, for example, to upload a presentation for your company. Meanwhile you can keep your profile updated on the old page.