[Network] New design, new filters and more power at your disposal

Dear Partner,

Some of you asked for new ways to find new partnerships. Others have asked for more specific information about other Partners. As we listen carefully to your suggestions, we accepted the challenge. Our Network needed a boost and today we are proud to announce the first relevant stone (only the first one, our team has a lot of work in the oven).

What does it solve?
It will be much easier for you to find other Partners. You will have greater control over the search results and find relevant information in one place.

Well, having your suggestions in mind, the first thing we are doing is evolving the filter menu. We’ve placed this feature on the left where you’ll find new filtering options such as:

  • Headquarters country
  • Company type (Now “company type” refers to buyer/seller)
  • Source markets (New :star2:)
  • Destination markets (New :star2:)
  • Category (New :star2:)
  • Connected with your company or not
  • Seller connection type (in case of Sellers) (New :star2:)

Another thing you’ll notice will be some improvements in the results. Here is an example:

It will be straightforward to see the top markets where this Partner is doing business. And on the upper right position you’ll find a menu with options to view more info about this Partner or save it as a favourite (on a next release we will add a filter for your favourites).

What’s next?
We are preparing more filters, improvements on the search box (the search box is where you can nowadays filter by name of the Partner), more improvements on the results page, and of course, we are preparing a revamped Partner profile. Keep an eye for new Network releases and if you like the new features don’t hesitate and like this post :heartbeat: This way we will know we are aligned with your needs.