Connection Management

The Connection Management in TravelgateX Dashboard requires too many clicks to access to the details of multiple connections.

As the number of connections grows, the complexity and the time required of managing the connections and the credentials grows.

The tools to manage the connections should aim help to manage the connections in a quick way, regardless of actual number of connections.

The idea would be to provide more flexibility to the customers to manage the connections. For example:

  • To allow to export / import the connection information via CSV (this is kind of a quick solution)
  • To provide an API interface to manage the Connections, so the management process can be automated at the Customer side.

Hi @ruben, thank you for your feedback, it helps us to improve.

Currently you can manage via API, I show a screenshot of our Schema API

About export what would you plan to do with this export? backup purposses?

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We have realized that it takes a long time to use the backoffice provided by TravegateX to manage the connections.

The idea is to create an internal tool to be able to manage the connections more effectively (at least for our use cases).

Thanks for the response, we will have a look to the documentation soon.

Hi @ruben
I would be very interested in hearing the use cases you mention to improve our product. Could you give me details?

Many thanks.

Buenos dias Ruben,

We are pleased to inform you that according to your suggestions and those of other partners, we have proceeded to make improvements in our access management.

We have added additional filters with which to manage the accesses.
You can review the improvements made through this link: