XSD Schema for Hotel Buyers API Legacy Endpoints


I need some help with getting the xsd schema for the rqXML for all of the endpoints Avail/Reservation etc

Can it be found anywhere ?


Sejour sent me a Static Data Url
that’s you need?

can I use it to generate the xsd schema for the requestXML body per action? if yes then would be great !

Basically what I need is from the URL on the documentation page: Data Structure | TravelgateX Documentation

The first sentence has a link:
" The structure of the API specification follows a standard. This document intends to explain every aspect of this structure and their fields. You can also download the XSD file containing each and every data structures of the API from here".

But the link from the documentation doesnt work.

So not able to get the schema for requests/responses.

Dear Tomasz,
Thank you for your message.
In order to help you and clarify this please contact your KAM.