Traffic Optimizer: the optimization tool to reduce unnecessary traffic and improve your L2B ratio

Check out our new app: Traffic Optimizer!

Optimizing your traffic has never been easier! TravelgateX Traffic Optimizer app provides the solution to block non-performing traffic and enhance global performance automatically through TravelgateX Platform. L2B ratios will improve and search traffic and response times will be reduced.


Because improvement is our lifestyle!

Searching for availability in hotels that for some reason do not convert isn’t just annoying, it’s a waste of money. This is one of the industry’s biggest problems, one that is almost regarded as “normal” by many travel industry players.

Traffic Optimizer is applied to a particular connection or access (credential) and it analyses data gathered from all the transactions taken place in our marketplace to identify and blacklist hotels that did not convert the previous day, based on different optimization criteria: “no availability”, “unbooked property” and “not in portfolio”. :vertical_traffic_light:



Check the full article on our Knowledge Base. :books:

Who can benefit from Traffic Optimizer?

Every connection through our Hotel-X Buyer API!

Save time and benefit from our intelligent optimization: Traffic Optimizer analyses data from all the transactions in our marketplace and helps you to improve your L2B ratio, reduce Search traffic and even reduce response times.


The functionalities currently available on our Traffic Optimizer app include reviewing the connections and accesses already active on this tool and request new Traffic Optimizer activations and modifications:

  • Request to activate/deactivate Traffic Optimizer by filling in the form. Our team will handle it!

  • Check the criterias applied by connection or access.

  • Request to active/deactive all Traffic Optimizer criterias by connection or access.

  • Request to modify the optimization configuration for a specific connection or access.

What do I have to do?

Just check out our APPs section and click on Traffic Optimizer. Request the activation of this tool for your connections or accesses through the form and our team will handle it!

Your feedback is essential to us, so don’t forget to leave your opinion in the survey that will pop up when you check out Traffic Optimizer!

Coming soon… :eyes:

  • Check which hotels are being blocked by Traffic Optimizer in real-time.
  • Monitor the performance by date range in terms of Search traffic and L2B reduction.