Traffic Optimizer: new KPIs added!

At Travelgate we want to emphasize how the main KPIs improve among your connections after activating the Traffic Optimizer. That’s why we have included two new metrics that will help you see the effectiveness, allowing you to understand how the L2B and the Non-Availability ratio improve thanks to this tool.

  • Δ L2B Improvement (yesterday): This metric estimates the improvement in the Look-to-Book (L2B) ratio thanks to the activation and the reduction in search traffic. Accompanying this metric is the L2B value, recalculated exclusively for connections where the app is active. Note that this L2B figure is distinct from the one you see in the Stats section.

  • Δ Search NOK improvement (yesterday): this metric indicates the improvement in %Searches NOK as a result of blocking hotels that matched the criteria (no availability, no bookings, not in portfolio).Along with this metric, the total number of Searches with no availability is presented, again calculated only for connections with the active app. It is important to remember that the value of this metric differs from the one visible in the Stats section.

If you haven’t already, activate the Traffic Optimizer with your connections to save traffic and improve your performance!