Traffic Optimizer: more optimization recommendations for your connections! πŸš€

Have you noticed the Traffic Optimizer :vertical_traffic_light: widget in your dashboard panel? Because now it contains more recommendations than ever to optimize your connections! :rocket:

Why this widget?

We want to make it easy and quick for you to identity which connections can potentially be improved with our free APP. :rocket:

Optimizing your product automatically is totally doable - if a hotel is not converting into a booking, sending it search traffic is pointless and we can avoid it for you. Our APP detects, based on different criteria, which hotels are not being productive based on the data of your connections compiled in our marketplace.

Check our full article of Traffic Optimizer APP here :open_book:.

What’s new?

You will receive different recommendations based on two criterias:

  • No availability: hotels that are not converting because the previous day all results returned no availability.
  • Zero bookings: hotels that have never had any bookings with a specific Seller recorded by TravelgateX. :new:

How does it work?

Just click on the β€˜β€™Activate now” button and we’ll automatically activate Traffic Optimizer using the best criteria for that specific connection. And don’t worry, you 'll be able to deactivate and activate the APP whenever you want using the Traffic Optimizer section . Most importantly, you can check every day which hotels are being blocked by the automatic optimization and see how much search traffic you are saving. All in one place! :computer: