Traffic Optimizer: check how much search traffic you're saving and enjoy its new design! 📊

Check out the new feature available in our Traffic Optimizer APP! :vertical_traffic_light:

Want to know how much search traffic you’re saving thanks to Traffic Optimizer? No problem! Now you can check the performance of your optimized connections directly from our APP. Clear and transparent.

Where? :bar_chart:

  • In the Traffic Optimizer Dashboard: there you will find an overview of how many searches are being saved and its percentage over your Search traffic with a specific Partner.

  • In the new Performance section: In a specific connection, click on the ‘Actions’ menu > ‘View performance’ and you will find more detailed information of the Search traffic saved in the last 24 hours.

But you will notice that this new feature doesn’t come alone! We’ve also improved the User Experience of this APP with a new and fresh design that allows you to check all the information more easily and with more filters.

Let us remember why Traffic Optimizer can be your new favorite APP :wink::

Because optimization has to be easy!

Searching for availability in hotels that for some reason do not not convert isn’t just annoying, it’s a waste of money. This is one of the industry’s biggest problems, one that is almost regarded as “normal” by many travel industry players.

Traffic Optimizer is applied to a particular connection or access and it analyses data gathered from all the transactions taken place in our Marketplace to identify and blacklist hotels that did not convert the previous day, based on different configurable criteria:

● No Availability: blocks hotels with 100% no availability returned in the last 24 hours.

● Zero bookings: blocks a particular hotel offered by a Seller that has never had any bookings recorded in TravelgateX.

● Not in portfolio: identifies and blocks hotel codes that are no longer offered by the Seller.

Check out the full article in our Knowledge Base. :books:

Who can benefit from Traffic Optimizer?

Every connection through our Hotel-X Buyers API!

➔ Improve your L2B ratio.

➔ Reduce Search traffic and save costs.

➔ Even reduce response times!

What do I have to do? :computer_mouse:

The functionalities currently available in Traffic Optimizer allow you to activate/deactivate the APP and modify the optimization criteria in real time:

● Activate Traffic Optimizer for a whole connection or a specific access (credential).

● Add or retrieve different optimization criteria: no availability, zero bookings, not in portfolio.

● Check which hotels are being blocked in your connections and accesses and how much Search traffic you’re optimizing and saving.

Just access our APPs section, click on Traffic Optimizer and start improving your connections’ performance!

Your feedback is essential to us, so don’t forget to leave your comments in the survey that will pop up when you check out Traffic Optimizer!