Reporting on

Problem description: Reporting is very limited

Reporting is necessary and we are not able to report ( to name a few):

  • list of hotels loaded
  • list of hotels disable totally or partially and list of rateplans/roomtypes
  • Rateplan expire date
  • list hotels working on vcc and hotels working on invoice

Thank you,

Hello Patricia,

Thank you for your feedback, we have moved the topic to “Ideas” so our IT team can analyse the development of the new reports you suggest.

Kind regards,
Elisa Ripoll.

Thank you Elisa, looking forward to seeing this implemented.

Hi Patricia,

Thank you for your idea!

From what we can understand, the idea would be to have some kind of export option in Inventory to download in a csv information about the hotel/rate and room loaded in the extranet, right?

Currently we have a functionality to download the list of hotels, rates, derived rates and rooms. I think your idea fits with this current option, but adding more information about the rates as: status, payment type and similar.

We’ll check this idea internally and analyse it with more details to see if is viable.

Thanks again!

Best regards,

Hi Camila, exactly! if with the existing functionality you could add expire date of the Rate Plan and if the hotel/Rate Plan/Room type( at least hotel/Rate Plan) is enable or disable, would be fantastic.
Thanks for discussing it further.