Remark within the reservation ( when a rate is not mapped)

Good morning,

The information about rate plans that are not currently mapped on the channel manager is not being sent with the reservation confirmation for example a derivated rate.

From the channel manager tec team I have been informed that this information would need to be send as an additional remark or comment within the reservation.

As fas as I have been informed you do not supports this option.

What can be done?

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Hello Tamara,

To address your request more effectively, we’ll need you to provide us with more detailed information about what you’re seeking. This way, we can fully grasp your request and provide you with either a solution or an answer that can clarify any concerns you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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Hello Gregory,

Thank you so much for getting back to me.

I will give you an example. Let’s say that FITBB rate has been mapped on the channel manager but I have added some derivated rates linked to that rate. If a reservation is confirmed with the derivated rate, it will integrate on the channel with the FITBB rate but not with the derivated rate.

From the hotel side with the channel manager tec I have been informed that this could be resolve adding a remark, so they will be able to see that the reservation has been booked with the derivated rate.

One of your colleagues from the customer engineer has informed me that the remarks feature is not available on the TRavelgate end.

Just wondering if something can be done.

Best regards

Dear Tamara,

We kindly request that you open a ticket for us to address this matter accurately. Once you receive the ticket, you will receive feedback.

Best regards,

Hello Tamara,

The ticket won’t be necessary, we have been told that you already checked the possibility with our Customer Engineers team and they confirmed that it is needed a new feature.

We proceed to move this thread to the correct category so our tech team can check and take note of your idea.

Happy holidays!

Kind regards,
Elisa Ripoll.