Pull-Seller-API ReservationRQ what to put in the PropertyReservationNumber element for On Request Bookings

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We are implementing the Pull Seller API.

We have buyers purchasing hotels from us as a wholesaler and we turn around and make the booking with the hotel (so we are a ‘middleman’).

I see this element PropertyReservationNumber in the ReservationRS … it appears to me that is the hotel’s official confirmation number so if a buyer books with us … we turn around and book from the hotel … the hotel provides us with a hotel generated confirmation # and this should go in the PropertyReservationNumber element. Is that how you see it?

My challenge is … we book at least 1/2 of our reservations On Request … Buyer books with us … we turn around minutes later and ‘request’ the hotel to fulfill the reservation …it could take hours or even days for the hotel to confirm or deny the request.

What are we meant to put in the PropertyReservationNumber element as this must be returned at the time of booking and in 1/2 of our bookings we will not have a value to set in this element?

Also, in ReservationRead there seems no field for PropertyReservationNumber so a Buyer could not even come back 1,2 … 3 days later to pickup the PropertyReservationNumber value.

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Firstly, I would like to clarify that adding the PropertyReservationNumber is not mandatory. However, it is worth noting that you do have the option to include the PropertyReservationNumber in the ReservationRead. We obtain this information from the Seller’s system.
Please let us know if you have any further questions or if there’s anything else we can assist you with.
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