Open a support ticket via API

Problem description: What problem does your company have which you would like to tackle with your idea?

When we have issues of booking errors or cancellation we need to manually open a support ticket. It takes time and generate operational cost.

Expected outcome: What is the outcome you expect when this problem has been solved?

As we know for which error codes we need to report to TravelGate, when we receive specific kind of errors, open a support ticket via an API with all the necessary information.
This generates two things:

  • on our side it decrease our operational cost
  • on your side it increase your response time to tackle potential technical issues

Idea description: Please describe your idea in detail, why you think it’s worth building and how you’re currently dealing with that problem.

The idea is to have access to an API to open a support ticket.

Hello Marc,

Thank you so much for your idea.

Could you please explain us a bit more about it?

We are studding the possibility to improve our Ticketing system and website with some fidgets that could help you to open a ticket easily and may be enough without creating a new API.

Why do you need to create tickets by API? Is it to do it automatically? Which kind of tickets would be?

Thank you in advance,
Elisa Ripoll.

Hello Elisa,

One specific example is when we try to cancel a booking and you are returning an error. For some errors we know that we have to report it to you. For those cases, instead of manually creating a ticket, we would like to create it automatically via an API thus decreasing human interaction and saving a lot of time.

Is that clearer or would you need more information?