Notification automatically marked as read when opened

Dear Partner,

Few months ago, we launched the new Notifications feature, that permits users to be aware of important information related to your business or your activity with TravelgateX. As a first version of these notifications alerts, we permitted users to mark all notifications as read. Experience is now slighlty improved thanks to the fact that in case a notification is clicked, it will be automatically marked as read.


Because your experience is key for you to be comfortable using TravelgateX platform, and so that you are sure to see at a glance which notifications you have already read to avoid losing your time.

What’s new?

As soon as a the user clicks on the notification he wants to have more information about, this notification will be marked as read automatically.

And now, what’s next?

More notification types are coming into the platform, which will bring even more value to this new “mark one notification as read” feature, we will also create a brand new Notification Centre area where you will be able to manage in an easy and user-friendly way all your notifications! Stay tuned!