Inventory > Requested the possibility to copy an upload / complete hotel from one provider to another provider

Dear Tgx Team, it would be really helpful for us to have the possibility to “Copy” in InventoryX from a Provider to an other Provider. I try to explain me better with an example:
now we can “copy” only the set up of a Hotel from in two different providers. So Hotel ID, rate and room are copied. But in addition to this we would like to have the possibility of copying also the conditions such as availability, prices, mlos, releases, etc. (everything we insert in the manual load). Now the section “Copy Tool” works that these conditions can only be copied for two different hotels but they have to have the same provider. Would it be possible to carry out a development to be able to copy all the loading of a Hotel between two different providers?
Many thanks in advance,

Dear Gaia,

Thanks for your contribution. :blossom:

Please could you provide a bit more context for this idea? If you need to copy between 2 providers, I guess the product is updated via Channel manager. So in that case, is it not the channel manager responsible for updating ARI (availability, rates, inventory)? Maybe these rates will be managed manually?

Look forward to your feedback in order to keep digging into the idea.

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Dear Tania,

thanks for your reply.

I confirm that in the event of a “switch” between two providers are the Channel Managers that update the availability, prices, etc. However, my request concerns contracts/rates that have the prices and all the conditions set manually from our side. I try to explain me better: there are “special” contracts that are partially managed by the channel manager (for example, only the update of availability and/or closures) and out dataentry dpt have to set all the rest (prices,mlos ecc).

So even if maybe we have to switch between two channel managers or from whl inventory - channel manager, we would need to be able to copy everything: Hotel, skeleton rate, derived rate, room, any offers, price, availability, release, mlos, etc.

Please let me know if you need any more details.

Have a nice day,