Inventory - Age Range Issue Contracts and Offers

Hello there,

We hope you are doing well.

We are not able to load contracts and offers on the inventory related to age range, such as 2ad+1ch (up to 7 years free of charge and from 7 years to 12 years 50% discount).

We have figured out that it could affects around 20% of the production with chains, as follows:
ZT Hotels
AluaSun (AM)
BG Hoteles

It would be very helpful to find a way to be able to upload those contracts and offers. Very useful and convenient for everyone, but so far we are missing the opportunity to increase the number of bookings by +20%, I’m afraid.

Thank you so much.

Dear Pepe,

Thanks for your contribution! :hugs:

Your idea is clear. Let’s check with our Tech team and gather some interest from other partners as well!

Best Wishes,