Introducing the New Travelgate Documentation

Discover the new Travelgate Documentation! Navigate through new and updated content and support with a fresh look and feel for an enhanced user experience. Here are some key highlights:

:mag: Unified Documentation and Knowledge Base:

We’ve seamlessly integrated our Documentation with our Knowledge Base. Now, with a single search, you can explore both pages simultaneously, giving you comprehensive results.

:rocket: Quickstart Tutorials:

Jumpstart your journey with our quickstart tutorials in our products. Start buying and selling in record time with easy-to-follow guides.

:star2: Numerous Improvements and Updates:

  • Experience a complete update of Hotel-X’s schema and playground.
  • Explore the Key Concepts section for a clear and visual understanding of essential concepts.
  • Retrieve pre-prepared CSVs for download, input your information, and effortlessly upload to your FTP for Hotel-X, Distribution, etc.

Our documentation is a treasure trove of features and functionalities to enhance your business. To uncover these valuable resources, explore our documentation further and make the most of the methods. Enjoy your journey!