Install Entrada - ENTD Version 115

Fix (Search, Metadata): Maximum response size increased to int.MaxValue and MetaData modification

The maximum response size has been increased to int.MaxSize to allow for larger response sizes. On the other hand, the filtering of the options has been improved by using the businessRuleFilterByOption() to filter based on the business rule and the optionQuota has been added in case the client wants to receive fewer options from each mealplan. Some Metadata parameters have been updated![dispo](/uploads/c526c83cdf92c0d6a7a16145f21f0776/dispo.PNG)

Sellers at 2023-02-09:

  • Entrada - [ENTD]
  • Ask2Travel - [A2T]
  • The Travel Hub (TTH) - [TTB]
  • Blue Aegean Holidays - [BAN]
  • DND Travel - [DND]