Install Axis Data - AXI Version 223

Refactor(Booking): Remove valuation and deltaprice in reservation

**What is it?**

It’s an update to reduce transactions and process time at the booking step. We will remove an extra quote request we are doing to check price hasn’t changed between quote and book steps, this will remove the DeltaPrice functionality for this integration.
This change will avoid book errors due to price changes.


The Seller has requested to remove this extra control we are doing in the integration for all buyers and assume that all price changes will be agreed between buyers and AXIS.

What do I need to do?

If you are using the DeltaPrice functionality keep in mind this will no longer be available for this seller and you can remove it from the requests.

Sellers at 2021-11-30:

  • AXIS/MTS Alemania - [AXL]
  • Axis UK - [AXK]
  • OTS Globe - [AXI]
  • Robert Arrigo and Sons - [RAR]
  • AXIS/MTS España - [AXT]
  • AXIS/MTS Dubai - [AXD]