[Hotel-X Pull Buyers API] Minor Update Notification: Minimum Selling Price

Please be advised we are releasing an update regarding Hotel-X Buyers API that may affect you.

Minor changes

  • Added new field “minimumSellingPrice” in the price field of all Hotel-X responses.

Minimum Selling Price

A new field identified as “minimumSellingPrice” has been added to all Hotel-X prices.

This field is optional and indicates the minimum selling price a Seller has set for an option - in other words, the minimum selling price that a Buyer can offer to their customers.

Please note this information is provided directly by the Seller and it can be “null” if they do not return it in their response.

In our Hotel-X API Schema, you will find “minimumSellingPrice” as specified below - note it is a Float, like net or gross fields:

Hotel-X Search response example:

“currency” : “USD”,
“binding” : false,
“net” : 5.9,
“gross” : 5.9,
“exchange” : {
“currency” : “USD”,
“rate” : 1
“minimumSellingPrice” : 5.9,
“markups” : null