[Hotel-X Pull Buyers API ] Minor Update Notification: isCalculatedDeadline and timeZone

Please be advised that we are releasing an update regarding HotelX Buyers API as per below:

Minor changes

  • We have added a new “timeZone” field in the Metadata response.
  • We have added a new “isCalculatedDeadline” field in CancelPenalty.

The following changes have been made to the cancellation policy rules, as each supplier provides their cancellation policies differently and their deadline may be calculated according to a different time zone. Example:

  • Supplier A reports their cancelPenalties in UTC+1
  • Supplier B reports their policies based on the hotel’s local time

Thus, we have added both “timeZone” and “isCalculatedDeadline” fields in order to avoid possible discrepancies between Buyers and Sellers and provide more details about how cancellation policies are returned on our side.

“timeZone” field

This field has been added to our Metadata (MetadataSearch, MetadataQuote and MetadataBooking - please check https://api.travelgatex.com/ for further information) and provides the specific timezone in UTC in which the cancellation policies are located.

For instance, as for MetadataQuote:



“isCalculatedDeadline” field

This field specifies if the deadline has been obtained from the Seller’s response or it has been calculated by TravelgateX.



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