Full Copy - All & hotels over multiple pages

Problem description: What problem does your company have which you would like to tackle with your idea?

1)When I want to run a Full Copy for all channels & all hotels in one go I can’t.

2)If I want to select in a channel manager properties over multiple pages I can’t. I have to apply per page which is not practical

Expected outcome: What is the outcome you expect when this problem has been solved?

I can do a single button Full Copy.

I can select properties in a specific channel over multiple pages and then do Fully Copy.

Idea description: Please describe your idea in detail, why you think it’s worth building and how you’re currently dealing with that problem.

Currently I have to do this channel by channel & then hotel per page.

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  1. At the moment, this point would be very expensive, both for us and for you (many requests). We will take this idea into account for our future inventory website, thank you.

  2. We have created a ticket internally to correct this bug on the website.

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