Copy Derived rates conditions from Base rates

Problem description: Recently we have the option to limit by clients our rates. We need the same at derived rates level.

Expected outcome: We need the same, but on the derived rates

Idea description: Copy the part of “RATE SPECIFIC CLIENTS” from the rates, to the derived rates

Not just rate specific clients. If not also all the features that we have at rate level, we should have it at derived rate level. Negotiated, senior, resident…

Hello @borja.arango !

Thanks for your contribution! :+1:t2:

I have edited the topic after getting your comment in order to make clear your final request. Is this the idea you are proposing?

At this moment, we offer the option to copy Derived Rates conditions, including Specific clients, to other Derived rates. Also you can copy base rate to base rate but our extranet does not allow to copy from Base Rate to Derived rate.

Please could you provide some context about number of cases requiring this feature and some more detail about cases of use?

Thanks in advance for your collaboration!

Hi Tania,

The fact is that actually we don´t have the option to limit by client on the derived rates… just in the rates. So it´s not a problem about the copy tool, if not that we CAN´T limit by clients on the derived rates. We will use it for many hotels… as we need to be able to separate rates by clients… and obviously if we can´t do it at derived rate level, means that each time we have a specific promotion for any client, we will need to ask the hotel to map again.

Basically, we need to be able to limit the derived rates by client, and actually we can´t.

Hello @borja.arango ! :wave:

Here some good news! :newspaper:

We do have the option to apply specific clients in Derived rates:

As you see, you can use same Specific Clients from base rate, but if you un-click the option, you can add different clients to the Derived rate:

Please could you let us know how often you need to copy from Base rate to Derived rates with Specific clients? We will check internally with our tech team in order to include this feature in our Copy Tool.

If you need support when applying Specific clients in Derived rates, please open a ticket and we will be happy to help you.

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