Connectivity Improvement Release

Extra Verification Level

As part of our continual efforts to reduce errors in the connectivities, we have implemented an extra verification level in which we check the mandatory fields received in each request. When something is missing and/or incorrect, we will send an error - a “207 - Bad Request” error.


We are working on increasing the transparency and effective classification of errors such as “101 - Integration errors” (missing mandatory information) or “102 - Supplier errors”, which we send to our Buyers once we have sent a (bad)request to a supplier’s system.

This way we will also reduce traffic between TravelgateX and the suppliers’ system as we will ensure that the request has all the mandatory information needed to be processed before going to the supplier.

What do I have to do?

If you are receiving errors with code “207” it means you need to re-check the information you are sending in your request: it might be something in the configuration, such as missing mandatory fields or perhaps inconsistent data such as dates in the past or wrong configuration parameters. Once the error on the request has been located and fixed, you stop receiving the 207 error.