Webhooks on Processed Mapping Files [HotelX]

When uploading mapping files to the ftp folders, it would be nice to get a webhook back when the files are finished processing. Right now, we have to try to build a “bot” to check back to see when files are finished processing or if an error occurred. It looks like there might be logs created in the log folder, but automating scraping of that FTP folder is not simple.

Thks for the feedback.
We have WebHooks notifications on the radar but also GraphQL subscriptions.

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Hey Oscar,

Another option could be able to push it to Slack Channe if that would be easier.

Thks for your feedback supply ( :slight_smile: )

  1. One approach is to have generic webhooks and let our partners transform & redirect the payload to other channels (i.e. Slack), this can be simplified using SaaS tooling as Zapier

  2. Another approach is to natively support different extra channels different to vanilla HTTP Payloads, as Slack, Jira…

If this feature is implemented, I expect an approach to release 1 and 2 sequentially