VCC deletion on booking cancellation

Problem description: When a booking is made, requiring VCC automatic generation, and it is subsequently deleted, the VCC is still valid and the property/supplier may charge it.

Expected outcome: When the booking is cancelled, the related VCC should be cancelled as well.

Idea description: currently we are doing it manually, requiring resources and thus additional costs. When the volumes start to pick up after covid, this is really needed in order to avoid having people doing all the cancellations manually.

Hi @suppliers

thank you for your idea, I find it very interesting, it would bring a lot of value to the product and it’s on the way with what we want to do in PaymentsX, so we’ll take it into account.

Right now our efforts in payment issues are dedicated to default payment through PayParc, which may be an alternative way that can be applied right now.

Rubén Caballero Martín
Product Manager

Thanks for the update. We know PayParc pretty well, but currently we need to have full support for VCC payments to suppliers.