Unknow status booking after a bookingdetail

Problem description:
When we receive a booking with UK status, after a while we would like to send a booking detail RQ in order to reconfirm if the booking is ok or not. Is TGX updating the booking status against the supplier?

Expected outcome: If we send a Bookingdetail of the booking, we should receive the possible new status of the booking.

Idea description: Update the booking status in case there is a different status (ie. OK or CN)

Buenos dias,

I don’t know if I understood it 100%. but all HotelX bookings go to the seller to ask the status of the booking in the seller’s system. Therefore, whenever this call is made, the status of the booking will be retrieved at that moment.

Please confirm that I have understood you correctly and that we can therefore close this ticket.

Thank you and best regards
Carlos Fernandez

Hi Carlos!

Once the booking is confirmed with a status UN, it seems that if we read it again the status doesn´t change any more. Imagine that the supplier confirmed o cancelled this booking, the status will change in that case?