Suggestions for improvements to the Tickets app

We find the Tickets app difficult and inefficient to use therefore we’d like to suggest some improvements so that tickets can be resolved and followed up more effectively.

We would like to suggest the following points:

  1. The ability to update a ticket within the app on the TGX website, rather than just replying via email. This would include the ability to add attachments via the app.
  2. The ability to re-open closed tickets where needed (also via the app).

Thank you

Hi Elfie,

First of all, thanks a lot for your comment, it really helps us on improving our Product for you! I have some interesting news for you :

  1. Regarding the ability to answer to the conversation through a more user-friendly thread, where you wouldn’t need to send your answer by email and moving out from the Website : we are more than aware that this is a hot topic and while I write these lines, we are making a technical study of a possible solution with our external provider. This study will take very few weeks and I should be able to give you some insights very soon!
  2. Ability to reopen tickets : we already have it planned for this first Quarter 2023. We have a design ready and we need to prioritize it during the next month or for March 2023

Please be sure I will ensure to give you updates as soon as we make progress, but our plan is to solve as much as possible both topics you are talking about during this first quarter of the year!

Warms regards


Good afternoon Elfie,

I have good news! You can now respond to your tickets directly from our website. We just published the product release in which we announced it. MyTickets: Respond to your tickets directly from our website

I take this opportunity to tell you that we have also added the option to reopen tickets that have a “resolved” status.

Feel free to use both features and give us feedback.