Stats App phone version

Dear partners,
I´m a phone user for your stats app, and I´d like to inform you that It´s imposible to filter by today, I never get any information.
I think you should review this. Not always i´m carrying my laptop with my and I check stats on the phone.
Thank you very much for your help.

Hello Javier :wave:

Thank you for your contribution!

Mobile version for the TGX platform and its sections is already in our 2023 design roadmap, so we would like to ask you some questions about your usage with the phone and the desktop version. All the information you can provide us we’ll help us to understand and priorize all improvements.

  • How often do you visit the platform in a week and which sections do you use the most? (Stats, Logging, MyConnections…)
  • About Stats: which information of the APP is most useful for you? (Organization detail, connection detail, access detail…)
  • About Stats: which filters are most importante for you? (Time range, traffic type, connection…)

Looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards,