Speed: activate and edit accesses in real time

Check out the new feature available in our Speed APP!

Now you are able to edit your current speeded accesses and active new ones in real time, without creating a ticket to our Customer Care team :pencil2:. Reduce response times and traffic with only a few clicks.

Let us remember you why Speed can be your new favorite APP:


Because Speed always wins!

In today’s competitive landscape, the response time of a connection is crucial to determine the overall success of our Partners’ business. On top of that, you will save on infrastructure costs and be able to handle any type of traffic. Bring it on! :rocket:

Who can benefit from Speed?


If you’re a Seller whose system cannot handle large amounts of hits or you take a long time to return results.

If you’re a Buyer who requires sub-second response times and who wants to get the product faster to their system than what the limitations in the Seller’s system allow.


The functionalities currently available in Speed allow you to review and modify your accesses using the Speed cache and activate new ones:

  • Speed new accesses and deactivate/activate the ones that you’ve already optimized with the cache.
  • Configure and update your Speed mode: standard or fast.
  • Compare results and monitor the performance by date range in terms of traffic and time response reduction.


Please remember that this app is currently only available for Hotel-X accesses, but don’t worry, for Legacy connections you can contact our Customer Care team and they will manage your Speed configuration directly.


Check the full article of this app in our Knowledge base. :books:

What do I have to do?

Just access our APPs section and click on Speed. If you haven’t tried our Speed app yet, request permissions to our Customer Care Team and start improving your connections’ performance!

Your feedback is essential to us, so don’t forget to leave your comments in the survey that will pop up when you check out Speed!

Coming soon…

  • Advanced Speed configuration - configure Speed using your own TTL criteria.