Send Rate codes and derived rate codes in the bookings XML RQ

Problem description:
Our common partner LogiTravel/Traveltino recently has activated special rates derived from the BAR Rates for residents and logged customers of our hotels. These rates are in between 5%-15% lower than the BAR Rates. After realizing different tests of bookings containing such rates, we registered that the derived rate codes didn’t appear in the XML of RQ we received through your channel. It is impossible for us to distinguish these bookings when downloaded to our channels manager Prestige and to our Iberostar internal systems.

Expected outcome: We would like to obtain a new tag in the XML of the booking where the derived rate code is indicated.

Idea description: This new tag could be included within the following field of the main rate plan: .
The format of derived rate codes normally is “BARMPRES” for residents and “BARMPLOG” for logged in clients. Once our channels manager receives the tag, we will be able to distinguish the residents bookings and the logged in clients bookings and be able to analyze the sales and performance of our partners.

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We already have the fields to send Derived rates and Base rates codes as you will see in the example below and also in our doc here.

However, as you are the hotel chain and channel manager user, we should deal with your case in particular directly with your channel and TravelgateX, so that we may find the solution to the problem you are facing.

Example for a Derived RatePlan loading via API push

      <request Version = "0">
            <RequestorID ID = "Provider1"></RequestorID>
              <CompanyName Code = "ClientTravelAgency1"></CompanyName>
        <RatePlan RatePlanCode = "DRV" BaseRatePlanCode = "SRATE" RatePlanStatusType = "Active">
            <Rate Start = "2014-07-01" End = "2014-07-31" AdjustedPercentage = "10" AdjustUpIndicator = "0"></Rate>
        <RatePlan RatePlanCode = "DRV" BaseRatePlanCode = "SRATE" RatePlanStatusType = "Deactivated">
            <Rate Start = "2014-08-01" End = "2014-08-31" AdjustedPercentage = "10" AdjustUpIndicator = "0"></Rate>

Example for Hotel book step:
We inform the rate code applied, this example is for a Negotiated rate but same case for Residents should apply.

You will receive a ticket from my side and let’s keep the converstion there in orther to solve your specific case. :wink:

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Hi @Anna_Georgieva

We proceed to close this topic, as we have already arranged the implementation of the rate rules by Prestige Channel Manager and now you are able to get resident rates identified as you need.

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