Room information (structured with code, name and description) inside DescriptiveInfo API, that is per hotel

Problem description: We do not retrieve information about rooms (code and name) per hotel, that is inside DescriptiveInfo message. Please note that we do not mean room types information but the actual rooms information.

Expected outcome: To be able to present useful room information to our clients

Idea description: Currently room code and name come in availability responses. It would be nice to have all rooms per hotel without having to make an availability request first. This way we could present our portfolio to our clients in more detail. Now, we cannot do that.

Hi @striantafyllou , thank you for your feedback.

I want to understand that you need to have the room information in the Search response?

Please take into consideration that the Search response is very large and enriching it with the Hotel Information response makes the response grow enormously and would be very repetitive, that’s why it is separate.

Can you tell us why you need to have this composition at Search level? Do you show directly the raw Search information on your side?

If you can provide more information it would be very helpful to better understand your need.

Many thanks