Retrive email contact informacion in InventoryX/ChannelX


We need to access to this information.

Would it be possible to obtain this information via API?

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Hi Mitchell :hugs:

Thanks for your contribution to our Community!

Please, could you let us know a bit more about the current problem and expected outcome?
Do you need only this information about the hotel? Name, ID and notification emails?

Look forward to your feedback!

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Hi @tania.rivas

We need this information to be able to send details about the reservation to the hotel/provider.

The main informartion that we need is:

  • Provider
  • Hotel code
  • Hotel Email
  • Notify Booking

The other fields can be skipped

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Hi @Mitchell_Walter_Pino !

Thanks for your reply! Let’s check internally with our tech team.

We will keep you posted! :mailbox_with_mail:

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Dear @Mitchell_Walter_Pino

We are pleased to inform we have developed a new API method to retrieve Content from Inventory, starting by Hotel emails. Here you have additional information about the call.

Hope this helps your operations team to contact the right accounts when notifying about any booking incidental or similar.

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