Resident Rate Rule

Problem description: We need to add to RATE RULE the option to limit the rates by RESIDENT. As in the case of residents from the Balearic or Canary islands

Expected outcome:

Idea description: On the same way we have the option to set NEGOTIATED and PACKAGE, we need to limit to RESIDENTS.

Not just for the rates, if not also for the derived rates

Good morning Borja,
Thank you very much for your feedback.

Let me please inform you that currently, it is already possible to limit the rates by resident.

If you need additional info or help, please do not hesistae to contact our colleagues from Support.
With your permission, we close this ticket.

Carlos Fernandez

Hello Borja!! :hugs:

Thanks for your contribution. :muscle:

We’ll check this idea internally with our tech team and let you know if we can Resident as an additional rate rule.

Keep you posted! :mailbox_with_mail:

Thanks Tania for your support!
I already posted in another contribution, but just in case, at least in our case, we´ll need all this “rate rules” aswell at derived rate level! :slight_smile:

Thank you @borja.arango !

We consider both ideas, as well as new discoveries from Product team that can make your life easier.

Please feel free to contribute anytime you find an improvable feature in our tools and encourage your colleagues to vote for the most interesting ideas. :wink:

Keep you posted!!

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Dear @borja.arango ,

As we have just published, this idea has been implemented and now it’s available for all our partners.

Thanks again for your contribution!

Happy Sales! :money_mouth_face: