Requests by zone for Stuba

Problem description: What problem does your company have which you would like to tackle with your idea?
We need to add logic to get a proper performance with Stuba.

Expected outcome: What is the outcome you expect when this problem has been solved?
Have a better performance increasing the availability for Stuba, and probably other suppliers.

Idea description: Please describe your idea in detail, why you think it’s worth building and how you’re currently dealing with that problem.

Right now there is a problem with Stuba. This supplier only allows to do searches for hotels in a same destination (zone). If we try to search for 2 properties in a different destination, travelgate’s integration sends the first zone to Stuba and all the properties, which will result in only having availabilities for the properties in that specific destination.

As HotelX has the capability to split the requests it receives into several I wanted to suggest that, in this suppliers (and others that act the same way), travelgate has the logic to split a customer request into several requests to the supplier grouping by the supplier zone (that might not fit with the customers mapping zones). As the zone is part of the property id (stuba property ids are a concatenation f the zone and the property id) the logic of grouping by zone could be done at hotelX level.

As this is a specific behavior of this supplier, and probably others, I think it makes sense to be done in travelgate.

Good morning Noel,
Hope everything is fine.

Thank you very much for your input and your observation. It is certainly very interesting and logical what you propose.

Let me review it with the team to make sure of a solution and in case I have any questions or suggestions I will inform you through this medium.

Thank you very much for your input and I look forward to hearing more contributions.

Carlos Fernández