Remarks on hotel description

Hi team,

I wish i could add remarks about a hotel in TGX. ex: deposit required, free parking etc

Hello Teodora! Welcome to our Community! :hugs:

Could you please specify if you are refering to Inventory environment?

I encourage you to read our post with some indications about ideas proposal. :wink:

Thanks in advance!!


Hi Tania, Iā€™m referring to Inventory system, yes. For the first time here :slight_smile:

Hi @teodora.pascovici ,

Thanks for your contribution. :muscle:

Your feedback is valuable for our Product Development in order to know how to help you more and better.

When Inventory was created, it was considered as a connectivity tool, without a content management perspective. However, as we detect this need in our clients, we can check this idea internally with our tech team and let you know if we can add some additional fields as the one you propose.

Teodora, would it be an option for you to show this kind of remarks at a rate level instead of hotel details? This is already in our pipeline for future improvements, also proposed via Community here.

Keep you posted!

Best Regards,