Remarks in Inventory

Today if any Hotel gives us a promotion or special benefit there is no way to show it to our clients.
It would be nice if you could have a remarks field in Inventory, so we can show Promos or benefits or information about the Hotels …

Today we would have to make a derived rate and place the Promo or benefit for a specific Hotel. It is difficult to be able to do it.

+1 this is a very good suggestion

Dear Enrique,

Thank you for posting in our community!

Adding remarks in Inventory is an idea that we already wanted to explore so our Partners using the extranet to load their manual contracts would be able to also load comments about the hotel or rate that could be really interesting for the final customer.

We’ll internally analyse this idea as a possible new feature in Inventory and let you know about it!

Thank you again for sharing your idea.

Best regards,