¡Please, read me first! - How you can send us your idea and what happens next

Have you got a great idea on how we can improve our marketplace and products? You’ve come to the right place! We’d love to hear it.

Our community is formed by TravelgateX employees, Partners, travel tech enthusiasts, product experts and basically anyone who’s interested in travel tech.

Read below how your votes and ideas can have an impact on TravelgateX’s product priorities and discovery process. Although we are not able to implement each idea, we do take them very seriously and into consideration. We review each and every idea and comment posted, and the wider community can vote for those ideas & suggestions that best matches their pain point and problems. So thank you for your input, keep them coming!

Yes, we want to hear it from you!

We’re delighted to open up this space for our Partners to collaborate with us, and even more delighted with the great feedback, engagement and collaboration we’ve seen so far! We have no doubt that this is just the beginning of a long journey that will iterate and improve both this channel and its process.

Although we won’t be able to implement each idea posted, we’ll make sure that each one reaches our product teams and it’s taken into consideration in their prioritization and discovery process.

Show your interest by voting

Before you post your own idea, ensure it hasn’t already been posted by another community member. It’s always good practice to do a quick search so that if something similar to yours has already been posted, you can vote for it as well as comment on what pain-points it needs to solve and what you would like it to achieve.

We’ll read all comments in order to fully understand the context of your ideas, and we’ll pay special attention to the number of votes each idea receives - it’s a great way to understand what’s important and what resonates with our Partners. So click on that “vote” button at the upper left of each thread!

What happens now?

First, it’s very important to understand that this is the best and main channel to directly influence our Product Teams solutions and amplify their results.

How will your votes and ideas influence our product development process?

Your votes and ideas give us precious input about the main problems you’re facing and make our product development discussion richer. Those inputs will be considered in conjunction with other feedback and data from other teams and systems. We’ll then contrast them against other factors and criteria such as company and product vision and strategy, business and other Partners’ needs during our Product Discovery process.

So while we can’t commit to implementing every idea or feature, and or to a timeline for the ideas in development , we can promise to take your feedback seriously and to consider it alongside other customer and partner feedback we receive.

So, will your idea be prioritized or even implemented?

The correct answer is: maybe! We’ll do our best to listen and understand our Partners’ tech and business needs and to develop our products so they have the best impact on the customer experience.

This means that while we may not implement the exact idea you suggested, we’ll seek to address, in one way or another, the pain point or issue you are trying to solve.

Here’s a quick schematic summary of what happens behind the scenes

ProdDev Gathering Community Interest

ProdDev Discovery Summary Process

You are absolutely important to us and we truly value your considered feedback. Thank you very much!

Feel free to create a post with your idea and/or vote in this category, or send us any other question about this process.