Offer alternative global recognized hotel IDs (TrustYou, GIATA, etc.)

Most inventory system have their own hotel IDs and use it as primary identification for TravelgateX and its Buyers. Some buyers would like to have the suppliers hotel ID but additionally another global recognized identification no. such as GIATA, TrustYou or others.

Benefit from that would be to enrich buyers hotel content with other third-party content i.e. hotel non bookable content from GIATA or ratings and reviews from TrustYou. Additionally, global recognized identification no. helps to map hotels in buyers inventory.

Solution could be to add an additional third-party ID and description. With OTA2010, we use the award provider and award id to offer buyers such additional codes.

Thanks for your idea @sonam.martig we already have GIATA incorporated in our platform and we are very interested in the idea of enriching the hotel content and this is the way we want to follow.

Can you add more information about the TroustYou that you mention, as well as more information about “OTA2010”?

Dear @ruben.caballero,

Sure, here is the company homepage of TrustYou and an example of a hotel (Tradition Hotel Julen, Zermatt, Switzerland with TrustYouID “eca1127d-d789-4e09-867e-7078d31babe5” and with available meta review page:

We provide this ID in our static hotel content webservice HotelDescriptiveInfo:

                 <Award Provider="Stars" Rating="4" RatingSymbol="Star"/>
                 <Award Provider="TrustYouID" Rating="eca1127d-d789-4e09-867e-7078d31babe5"/>