New single sign on entry point for our market network: APP by TravelgateX

TravelgateX has launched โ€œAPPโ€ for all its Partners (Buyers, Sellers, and Tech Partners).

APP by TravelgateX is the platform where supply (Sellers) and demand (Buyers) find each other through a complete Network. It provides access to a set of services, tools, and products provided by TravelgateX to boost their booking volume in the tourism industry.

The goal of APP is to synthesize all products and services offered by TravelgateX in one interface to make connectivity and business easier!

What do I need?
To get access to our APP, you just need:

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  2. If your company is already registered, but you donโ€™t have a user and password, please contact us or the admin of your company.
  3. If youโ€™re still not buying or selling through Travelgatex, SignUp today!