New look&feel in MyConnections overview

Dear partner,

We are happy to announce this new Release which brings with it not only a new look&feel, but also a number of improvements to our MyConnections section.

What is it?

A new, more agile and intuitive design with a series of new features that will help you manage your connections and accesses, providing agile functions and more autonomy.

More intuitive and adaptive filters.
You can easily identify how many accesses you currently have and their current status.

Access Status

Working: the activation process was completed successfully and the access is available and ready to be used.

Pending: It is in validation status. (After validation it will automatically switch to working or Not working status)

Not Working: one or more processes in the activation have failed and our connectivity team needs to review this activation manually.

Access Type

Live: This is an access that has been identified* as an access from which real transactions are carried out.
Test: This is an access that has been identified* as an access from which to test transactions.

*If the access is Live or Test it is determined by credentials and it is the responsibility of both the BUYER and the SELLER to agree on the type of credentials to be used for access.

Access Active

Yes: Active and operational access
No: Active and non-operational access

Extended information on “not working” status.

In order to speed up the process of an activation, the following options have been added to ensure that the activation is carried out as quickly as possible.

Informative PopUp: To find out why the auto-activation could not be carried out, simply place the mouse over the “Not working” status and an informative PopUp will appear informing about the error that has interrupted the auto-activation process.

Assigned ticket and link to it: The ticket information assigned to the access will be displayed and clicking on it will open the ticket in the MyTickets section with more detailed information about the current status of the access.

Allow to delete inactive accesses.
It is now possible to delete those accesses that are no longer valid.

To do this, you only have to deactivate the access and from the action menu, select the option “Delete access”.

Because Partner Connections is a fundamental part of the business that needs to be fast, smooth and intuitive.

What do I need to do?
Nothing. Just log in to MyConnections as usual to start using these new features.

We are working on more functionalities that will add value to your business, so stay tuned for more news in the near future.

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