New channel manager available: Cubilis (CBI) - Stardekk

What’s new?

We have a new channel manager in the house!
Cubilis - Stardekk is ready for our Buyers in order to connect direct hotel product and increase their portfolio.


Cubilis - Stardekk is a channel manager specialized in hotel product from the Netherlands, Germany and France. When connecting with your channel managers via TravelgateX, you will benefit from our efficient performance and avoid search and valuation traffic impact into your system.

Which Buyers can benefit?

If you have contracted a hotel chain or independent property using Cubilis as channel manager, you can benefit from our connectivity!

What do I have to do?

You just need to request a New Connection in our My Connections area in My Connections area in TravelgateX website.

Anything else?

Sure! You can keep reading about the benefits of setting up your Channel Managers connections via TravelgateX, Channel Managers first steps, or VCC payment options with Channel Managers, as well as multiple articles in our Knowledge Base.

At last but not least, don’t forget our full documentation is at your disposal, so that you may check all details about our multiple connectivity options and more technical details.