MyTickets homepage improved design, filters and experience

Dear Partner,

In order to bring the best digital experience to any TravelgateX platform user, we will launch in 2023 several improvements and new features related to MyTickets section (TravelgateX), in order for any user to have all needed tools and information related to any support ticket, incident or request being treated by our teams. And here is the first stone, with a redesign of the MyTickets homepage!

Why? :thinking:

The very first and mandatory step for all the new features we will implement in 2023 was to simplify the MyTickets homepage, and improve some parts of the User Experience.

What’s new? :face_with_monocle:

The MyTickets homepage has completely been redesigned, with consolidated new filters so that the user can focus on the information which is really relevant for his day-to-day work.

A user can now select the Ticket Category he wants to filter and focus on, whether he wants to only see tickets related to Customer Care (incidents, general questions, bugs, etc…), only tickets related to Activations (linked to connections with other partners), or even both at the same time.


On another hand, the Tickets statuses have now been simplified, moving from around 15 different statuses to only those that are important for a TravelgateX platform user :


The main Tickets part of the page has also been simplified, enabling to display only the tickets owned by the connected user, and his Company tickets (closed tickets are not shown anymore in the main section as there is now a specific new filter to only show closed tickets on demand) :

And now, what’s next? :next_track_button:

TravelgateX will soon bring the following improvements to the ticket section :

  • Capability for a user to reopen a ticket directly from the MyTickets section when status is “Resolved”
  • Notifications in case of status change of a ticket
  • Improvements in the Tickets creation form
  • Ability for a user to close tickets from the Website
  • Ability to add a contact in copy of a ticket

And one big improvement which feasibility is currently under study is to highly improve the conversations flow between TravelgateX agents and the Partner, so that all messages can be managed from MyTickets area without needing to move out from the Website to answer or send any further information.

Stay tuned, and do not hesitate to bring us any feedback to help us improving MyTickets based on your real needs!