Minor Update Notification - Minimum Selling Price

Please be advised we are releasing an update regarding Hotel-X Buyers API that may affect you.

Minor changes

  • Added new field ā€œminimumSellingPriceā€ in the price field of all Hotel-X responses.

Minimum Selling Price

A new field identified as ā€œminimumSellingPriceā€ has been added to all Hotel-X prices.

This field is optional and indicates the minimum selling price a Seller has set for an option - in other words, the minimum selling price that a Buyer can offer to their customers.

Please note this information is provided directly by the Seller and it can be ā€œnullā€ if they do not return it in their response.

In our Hotel-X API Schema, you will find ā€œminimumSellingPriceā€ as specified below - note it is a Float, like net or gross fields:

Hotel-X Search response example:

ā€œcurrencyā€ : ā€œUSDā€,
ā€œbindingā€ : false,
ā€œnetā€ : 5.9,
ā€œgrossā€ : 5.9,
ā€œexchangeā€ : {
ā€œcurrencyā€ : ā€œUSDā€,
ā€œrateā€ : 1
ā€œminimumSellingPriceā€ : 5.9,
ā€œmarkupsā€ : null