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Problem description: We have different members that need to access travelgate website but for different purposes, so we need to be able to give visibility for certain content but not for other.

For Instance, we would like to have 3 different members as:

Member type 1:

  • Have access to see the API Key.
  • Don’t have visibility over the access management (“My Connections” section). Or just be able to see the access but not to edit.
  • Have access to APPs.

Member type 2:

  • Don’t have access to see the API Key.
  • Have visibility & edit permissions over the access management (“My Connections” section).
  • Have access to APPs.

Member type 3:

  • Only have access to APPs.

This way we can ensure the minimum number of people have access to sensible information as credentials.

It would be great to be able to manage this through the website but, if not, at least requesting this set up by ticket as a first release.

Thank you

Hi @noel.maya,

Thanks for submitting your idea.

Now there’s a minimal configuration about member permissions on the TravelgateX Platform, this is managed on Member Settings allowing to handle only 2 different permissions:

  • Standard: Can manage all Organization Plattform features
  • Owner: Standard + Create/Remove Organizations Members

Increasing the granularity of these permissions is in our Roadmap but for your comments, we identify 2 scenarios related to sensitive data:

  • API Keys
  • Supplier accesses

Keep updated on this Post and feel free to open a Ticket in our Customer Care to check if there’s a workaround until this feature is released. Now, I suggest to limit your Organization’s staff members.

Thanks for your collaboration