Mayor Update Notification - Hotel-X Buyers API - Currency

We are releasing an update regarding Hotel-X Buyers API (Booking query) that may affect you.

What is it?

This update affects the validation of “currency” input of Booking query. From now on, we will proceed to check that this value is never null, empty “”(empty string), invalid or containing a blank space.
Please note that currency fields always have to be sent in ISO 4217 format with enclosing double quotes. Example: “EUR”

Please, also bear in mind that, currently, we only check the currency’s value when we receive a booking with searchType set as REFERENCES.


We detected some booking queries that caused an error in our system due to currency value was set as “” and this could not be validated on our side. As specified in our API, it must have a valid value.

What do I need to do?

You can correct this error on your side by adding the correct currency that you receive in book response. In this regard, also note that the Price node is an optional node in book response, so it can be null. In that case, you can send the same currency that you sent in previous queries.


  • 16th May 2022: Once we deploy this fix, we will start returning te below error in case we do not receive currency field with valid value for optionRefId.
   "code" : "WRONG_FIELD",
   "type" : "VALIDATION_ERROR",
   "description" : "Booking by references must include currency"