Mayor Update Notification - Hotel Buyers API (legacy) - v1.2.63

Please be advised that we will stop supporting the “BlockOption” field in the Valuation step.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to upgrade your connection from our legacy Hotel Buyers API (legacy) to Hotel-X Buyers API, which has more functionalities and is completely customizable at a request level.

What is it?

The field BlockOption in the Valuation step was used to block an option after the Valuation process (applicable only if the Seller’s API allowed it). It was used to guarantee that the option would be bookable for a certain time.

Why is the BlockOption field being deprecated?

Due to the amount of options blocked when they were not really necessary, many opportunities were lost because they were not available for a certain period of time. We transferred the logic of BlockOption into the Reservation step (for all the Sellers that support it.)

What do I need to do?

All Partners connected to Hotel Buyers API (legacy) should stop sending the field “BlockOption” in the Valuation request, because we will block it at the Reservation step.

In case you still send the BlockOption field, we will not return an error, it will be simply ignored.

Also, you should stop retrieving the field “AllowsBlockOption” in Metadata, because this field indicates when the Seller allow to block the option to send it in Valuation.


  • 25th October 2021: The field “BlockOption” will no longer be used on Valuation requests and the logic will be transferred to Reservation.

  • 24th October 2022: We will stop returning the field "AllowsBlockOption" in the response of Metadata.