Major Update Notification - HotelX Buyers API - Amendments II

Please be advised that we are releasing an update regarding Hotel-X Buyers API that may affect you.

Major changes

  • Added new query and mutation to be able to modify the checkin/checkout dates of a booking: amendDates

  • Added new query and mutation to be able to modify the meal plan of a booking: amendBoard

Due to our philosophy of continuous improvement, we are very happy to announce a new update to our Hotel-X Buyers API that adds two more methods in order to allow modifications to already existing bookings made through our Platform.

If you are not yet aware of our first release on HotelX Buyers API Amendments, we advise you to read this article first so that you can easily understand its content and context.

amendBoard and amendDates

amendBoard and amendDates work in exactly the same way as amendRemarks or amendPaxes (please check Hotel-X Buyers API Amendments release for further details).

Any type of modification that is enabled on our Platform should be carried out in two steps: a query and a mutation:

The first method (from now on, query) is used to make a query to the supplier in order to retrieve the new price of the booking and the cost of confirming the modification, if such cost exists. As an analogy, it would be the same as the Quote method in a booking flow. In addition, the query will provide an amendmentID token to be sent in the second call, which should not be interpreted in any case by the Partner.

The second call (from now on, mutation) is used to confirm the booking modification in the supplier’s system. In the mutation, the amendmentID received in the query response will be sent in order to provide all the required information.

We cannot conclude without pointing out that this is the first version of booking modifications and as such, the functionalities and options will increase with additional developments in the near future.

The functionality of these modifications is subject to the availability of the type of modification allowed at the supplier’s system. This means that some of the above functionalities may not be available for a provider that we have in our Platform. For example, a supplier may only allow the modification of the check-out dates and not check-in dates.

So, how can a Partner know the modifications that can be made for each of the modification types? As we commented before, since this is our first version we ask for a little bit of patience - we are working on being able to offer this information through our Metadata query so that you are aware of the different options available for each of your providers.

Don’t forget to check our communication channels for next updates!

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