Logging: Audit your search transactions logs!

Check out the new Logging release: Audit your search transactions logs! :arrow_down:

Imagine storing the 4B+ search transactions that happen every day at TravelgateX‚Ķ. Crazy, right? But what if you need a specific search log to identify an error or to solve a dispute? No problem, just head to the ‚ÄúAudit Searches‚ÄĚ feature in our Logging APP and indicate the connection or access you need search logs from and we will start saving your search traffic logs.


Because agility is key!

We hope that the new feature in our Logging APP helps you to be quicker than ever to solve issues!


The new feature allows you to audit Search transactions by connection or access. How does it work?


  1. Identify the connection or access you want to audit and click on ‚ÄėAudit searches‚Äô.

  2. Our APP will audit 5% of your Search traffic for 5 minutes.

  3. Recover the logs in the Logging APP - remember to include the ‚ÄúSearch‚ÄĚ option in the ‚ÄėOperation type‚Äô filter.

Moreover, you will be able to check your audit search history to find when your transactions were stored in case you want to search for them again using the Logging APP.

Check the full article on our Knowledge Base. :books:

What do I have to do?

Nothing! Log onto TravelgateX and check out this new feature available on Logging, our Logs Manager.

Your feedback is essential to us, so don’t forget to leave your opinion in the survey that will pop up when you check out the new version of Logging!