InventoryX > Section "Booking Sold" update after a booking cancellation

Dear Team,
we realized that following a booking the section “booking limit” goes to decrease and the room is added in the section “booking sold”. BUT if this same booking is then cancelled, the number of the “booking limit” is not changed. I try to explain me better with an example: Hotel Rosso has 3 rooms for the day 10/12/22. Today enters a 1 night booking with check in on 10/12 then the “booking limit” becomes 2 and “booking sold” becomes 1. All correct.
Next week the customer decides to cancel this booking. In InventoryX, however, the situation remains unchanged (so “booking limit” 2 and “booking sold” 1). However, we would like to propose that instead the calendar of InventoryX be updated with “Bookihng limit” and and “Booking sold” 0 as the booking has not been confirmed and to have total availability again.


Dear Gaia

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Thanks for your contribution. Your idea is clear. At this moment, Inventory does not return cancelled rooms into available rooms again in order not to get non expected bookings when the hotel has sold all inventory. However, we understand you may have cases when you have a committed allotment and need to get back the cancelled room.

Let’s gather some interest from other partners and then we will proceed to check with IT team all the options. :woman_technologist: :technologist:

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