Inventory: new "Amendments policy" available

Check out the new Inventory release!

Now you will be able to load your Amendments Policies as agreed with your hotels! :hotel:


Because flexibility is key!

We hope that the new “Amendments policy” feature will help you to identify the hotels accepting booking modifications and their amendment fees, if applied.


Since last year, Travelgate has implemented Booking Amendments in our Hotel-X API in order to modify certain booking fields. When dealing with hotel direct contracts, our Partners need to identify the hotels accepting amendments, as well as any applicable fee for that booking modification.

Modifications are especially important in high season periods, when the final customer needs to keep the booking and request an adjustment such as changing the arrival date. Previous to this release, in order to change check-in date it was necessary to cancel the booking and create a new one. However, from now on we will keep the room and request the hotel if the date change is possible and if there is a new price or applicable fees for that change.

How can I set my Amendments Policy up? :hammer_and_wrench:

In order to configure your amendment policies you just need to access our Inventory Extranet>SetUp:

There, just select the property you need to configure and click on “Add Rate” or edit an existing one - you will clearly see Amendments Policy at the bottom of the screen:

If you tick on that option, you will allow booking amendments for this hotel and rate. There, you can also set up the fees to be applied for that modification.

How are amended prices calculated? :money_with_wings:

When handling booking amendments in Inventory, we will calculate the new price for the requested amendment with following criteria:

new price + applicable amend fee + applicable cancellation charges

So whenever your client requests a booking amendment, Inventory will provide the new price or no availability for the request.

What about my API? :robot:

As a Buyer, you may find detailed information about API Amendment calls in our Hotel-X Documentation and also in our Community articles here and here.

As a Seller, you may find the new Amendment Fees to be loaded in our Hotel Push Sellers API Set Up Messages:

<RatePlan RatePlanCode = "PACK" RatePlanType = "11" YieldableIndicator = "false" CurrencyCode = "EUR" RatePlanStatusType = "Active**" IsModifiable = "true"** Start = "2016-01-01" End = "2016-05-01">




<AmendFee Amount = "4" CurrencyCode = "EUR" ChargeUnit = "20"/>

<AmendFee Percent = "5" CurrencyCode = "EUR" ChargeUnit = "15"/>



Which Channel Managers support amendments?

In order to check if a Seller supports any Amendment API call you can check their Metadata, where all Amendment options are properly informed. Currently, amendments are implemented for Siteminder but more Channels will be added in the coming months.

What do I have to do?

To use our Amendment API calls, please check our API Documentation, and if you have already implemented our Amendments, just log into Inventory and start using our new Amendments Policy. :desktop_computer:

For extra info, please check the full Extranet guide in our Inventory Documentation. :books: